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The stories & work of local artists from past and current exhibitions in our gallery space.

Featured artist: DEREK SCHAPER

Derek is an artist working out of Valdosta, GA.

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TOTEMS • Derek Schaper

∆• to-tem /ˈtōdəm/: a spirit being, sacred object, or symbol that serves as an emblem of a group of people, such as a family, clan, lineage, or tribe •∆
"I started on this current body of work almost a year ago, after making a wearable mask for Halloween using cardboard, paint and some found materials. I really enjoyed creating that mask so I continued with the theme and ended up arriving at Totems because these pieces all feel like different sort of spirit beings to me - each with it's own personality and mix of characteristics drawn from a variety of different animals and creatures, real and imaginary. Making and building these Totems has been a lot of fun, starting with some geometric shapes formed from wood, cardboard, felt and foam and allowing each one to reveal it's personality layer by layer. Rarely starting with a reference sketch or plan, each Totem comes to life organically through the materials and colors used. I plan to continue making more of these spirit animals, using a variety of different materials and experimenting with larger formats. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed creating them."
-Derek Schaper (Artist)

Artist Ryan Haddix - Teeth

Ryan Haddix

 Ryan Haddix is a mix media artist currently operating out of Gainesville, FL. He is currently a student at the University of Florida and works with a variety of mized media, as well as drawing and digital work. Ryan Haddix was featured in the October Gainesville Artwalk.

Artist Ray Torres - Untitled

Ray Torres is a Gainesville artist who explores minimalistic illustration highlighting dark lines and detailed shading. Ray was featured in the October Gainesville Artwalk

Artist JMC - Separation


JMC (@jaemsee) is a unique artist currently creating in Gainesville, Florida. Using primarily charcoal and pastel, he works in a form of abstraction, often portraying human faces. His artist bio is as follows:

"Born Charlotte, North Carolina. Highlights include a fifth grade jewelry-making presentation, winning my middle school's costume contest as FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper, four close encounters of the first kind, and her."

JMC was featured in the October and January Artwalks.

Artist Ted Lincoln - the fall

Through the influence of both eastern and western cultures, philosophies, and practices, Ted creates paintings that explore the transitory nature of landscape. Drawing from his background and experience in eastern culture he uses industrial materials such as steel, aluminum, acids, and automotive enamel to create landscapes that simultaneously feel strong and illusive. The austere nature of his materials are softened and rendered into contemplative spaces. Ted Lincoln was featured in the October Gainesville Artwalk and his pieces are staples in the MindSpace Collective Gallery.

Miguel Cardona - Boy on a bicycle


Miguel Cardona is a photographer working out of Gainesville, FL.

The exhibit featured in the March Artwalk is titled Dérive, defined as the experimental technique of rapid passage through varied ambiances, or to let oneself be drawn by attractions and encounters.  As described by the artist, "the photos are products of the warm encounters with people, places and the connections they share

Miguel was featured at MindSpace Collective on March 30th as part of Gainesville Artwalk. Take a look at some of the pieces featured in his past show:

Artist Celino Dimitroff - Lamp

celino dimitroff

Celino Dimitroff is a Gainesville creative who designs and builds unique lamp sculptures. He was featured in the October Gainesville Artwalk and his work is a staple in the MindSpace Collective Gallery. He is a co-founder of the Soma Art Media Hub in downtown Gainesville. Check out their website to learn more about this project and his sculptural work. 

Artist Hannah Ulloa - Where to next

For years, Hannah has been fascinated by the ability of photographs to capture the somatic memory of a moment. Feelings of momentum and suspension can be evoked through moving subjects and timely exposures. Hannah was featured in the October Gainesville Artwalk and is Creative Director for MindSpace Collective.

Jerome Guiselin paints colorful pop-inspired paintings. Jerome was featured in the October Gainesville Artwalk and his pieces are staples in the MindSpace Collective Gallery.

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