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Seiðr • Art by Megan Cooper

Join us at MindSpace Collective during the October Full Moon to celebrate a night of magic and art! Artist Megan Cooper brings to life visually captivating renditions of the ancient magical practices of Seiðr.

Seiðr was the norse practice of pre-christian paganism and shamanism. The people who practiced this were mostly women and they would often enter a ritualistic trance in an effort to communicate with spirits, mold or see the future, shape shift, control the weather, heal or protect from enemies.

A Note from the Artist:
This series is my interpretation of what a ritualistic trance or altered shape may look like and the elements of the seiðr practice as it has evolved over the centuries. I have done this by photographing elements and strong women who embody their own uniqueness. Using these images, photo compositing and graphic design, I have brought my visions together.

"There were seiðr rituals for divination and clairvoyance; for seeking out the hidden, both in the secrets of the mind and in physical locations; for healing the sick; for bringing good luck; for controlling the weather; for calling game animals and fish. Importantly, it could also be used for the opposite of these things – to curse an individual or an enterprise; to blight the land and make it barren; to induce illness; to tell false futures and thus to set their recipients on a road to disaster; to injure, maim and kill, in domestic disputes and especially in battle.”
-Neil S. Price, The Viking Way: Religion and War in Late Iron Age Scandinavia

Opening Night:
SUN | OCT 13 | 7-10PM
Adult Beverages 21+

$5 - $10 Sliding Scale Donation is encouraged
Join us in our mission to support local art and artists at the MindSpace Collective Gallery. Featuring original exhibitions by local artists in Gainesville and neighboring communities. New exhibits open every two months! **This Gallery runs on proceeds + donations - Thank You!**

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