P.O. Box America

Grimstead’s photo series captures America’s post offices in their rural, small town charm and in their architectural grandeur of a major U.S. city. While exploring rural Virginia towns during his commute from Charlottesville to Richmond in 2014, Grimstead was drawn to the small road side post offices, each a small piece of history, telling the story of their town and the people who lived there. Grimstead soon found himself exploring more and more of the East Coast, eventually making his way from Maine to Florida. "P.O. Box America" tells the story of small town America, and pays homage the USPS, the service that was once and still is, in many ways, the heartbeat of our country.



Postcards & Post Offices
Thursday, May 30, 7-10pm

Explore the photographs by Curtis Grimstead and browse Art postcards from a variety of local artists.

$5 - $10 Sliding Scale Donation is encouraged

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