Goddess Rising Exhibit

On display at MindSpace Collective February-March 2019



“In my work I celebrate my sister, Tamara Regina, and all sisterhood. These paintings follow my journey as I navigate my mourning and healing over her end stage colon cancer. Painting became an outlet for release as our family endured the dark world of cancer. My sister was a bright light in this world. In my pieces I create Ukrainian sisters that capture her light and the rawness of femininity. My Ukrainian sisters have brought me some peace and reckoning over the past few years.”



“Since I was ill drawing has been my artistic lifeline. This show represents my creative journey these last 2 years of living and art. I’ve stopped painting and taken to pen and paper. Painting became too physically exhausting during my treatment. Ink on paper and tile allows me to draw quickly, so I can put everything out there in one sitting. It allows for beautiful errors that I would normal critique and paint over. It allows my mind to flow uninterrupted and in sync with the ink.”



“By bringing my personal practice of mindful awareness to the work, I found gateways to the enlightened states of being and directly experienced how these can reveal to us and align us with aspects of our higher selves. Both during traditional visualizations and while painting a deity, my body receives transmissions which harmonize my awareness with that deity’s awareness. I feel this awakened awareness pervading all the aspects of my life— both internally and externally. "